The Fundamentals of Roof Remodeling


After a certain period of time roofs develop cracks leading to leaking. This has to be set right and the best way is to remodel it. The roofing in a house has to be able to withstand the harsh weather conditions in that area. The whole stability of a house depends on the roofing. Some areas are prone to strong winds, heavy rainfall and even hurricanes. Even factors such as the sun, heat and cold can affect the roofing of a house. To protect the house from these conditions, the roof has to be stable and strong. For a sturdy roof you need to have a strong base. You can either build a truss or get the trusses which are ready for installation by specialists who manufacture them. In this way you can put up the basic outline of the roof in a day. After the trusses are placed and secured, you need to connect them. This will form the strong base for the sheet that you are going to place on the base structure.

Before remodeling, you should discuss with the contractor about the type of roofing material you want to use. It will depend on the type of material you want to use, whether heavy like tile or slate or something light. If you are using heavy material you cannot use a light under layer like bamboo. Generally plywood is used as an under layer. After this, the roof has to be made waterproof. Felt or tar is used over the plywood to make it waterproof. This has to be secured well so that there is no seepage of water. Then flashing have to be constructed. After this shingles have to be placed and then sealants have to be applied. You have to be in constant touch with the contractor to know how the work is progressing to get the quality that you want for the roofing of your house.

The roof of a house can last for quite a long period – anytime from ten to a hundred years. It all depends on the quality of the roof and the maintenance. Metal roofs last for fifteen to forty years, wood shake or shingles last for ten to forty years, asphalt shingles last for fifteen to forty years and special materials like slate can last even up to hundred years.A good roofing contractor should be engaged to find out the quality of the existing roof. He will let you know whether the roof can just be repaired or the whole roofing has to be remodeled. If it has to be remodeled, the whole roofing might have to be taken apart and the whole thing might have to be re-laid. A roofing contractor will have knowledge about the different types of roof that can be used, the material that can be used and the type of installation needed and the type of venting for each type. You should find out if the roofing contractor is licensed and whether there is an insurance coverage and the warranty offered.

Good roofing should prevent overheating and water retention which will cause the roof to develop cracks and leaks. You can check the websites and ask your friends and neighbors for details about the closest roofing contractor, check the roofing of the house and find out if it has to be repaired or remodeled. Remodeling is an elaborate process which has to be done with care. So, choose the best in the field.


Source by Richard Mehta