The Most Effective Marketing Strategy For Increasing Roofing Sales – Part 2 of 2


In part ONE I noted that there are over one thousand roofing companies in British Columbia and why you need a focused and effective marketing strategy that will increase sales or at least maintain current sales levels in the short and long term…why being listed at the top of search engine lists or the Yellow Pages is not as effective as we think!  

Following are the most powerful, practical and cost effective marketing objectives you can implement: 

1. Awareness/Exposure: Make every attempt to repeatedly bring your company to the attention of your most qualified potential clients i.e. those who are will be in need of roofing at some point in time in the near future; familiarity with who you are gives the prospective buyer a good feeling.

So how do you create exposure?

You are a professional; you can clearly see which homes are in need of (or will need) re-roofing and most likely when. Usually when a few roofs are re-roofed in an area, most if not all of the rest will follow within a few years. You can see that this is potentially a geographically very profitable market niche…these potential clients are very qualified so your marketing costs aimed specifically at this market will be relatively low and money well spent, from which you will get a high return – this is highly targeted marketing.

What are the cost effective marketing tactics you can apply?

Distribute your business cards and/or flyers to home owners who are or will soon be in the market for a new roof. Your advertising material (business cards, flyers and street signs erected alongside roofs you are working on) must look professional and direct your prospects to your website where you have all the information they will need to make an informed decision.

It is well known in sales that on average six contacts need to be made before the potential client buys. Home owners you are targeting need to see (or even hear from) you and/or your business multiple times. When you are working in an area, you are most likely going to be in that neighborhood for many months, maybe years. It is not expensive to distribute your advertising material say every six weeks to the same targeted households, so when the time comes to make a decision, who do you think they will call?…YOU! People are hungry for information…give it to them through your website when and where they want it.

2. Credibility/Positioning: Referral-sales are the most powerful sales. People want to do business with people they know, like and trust! The name of the game is relationship selling, where we build that important thing called credibility, without which we cannot make a sale. One sure way to quickly realize this positive emotion in people is through the use of testimonials. People feel reassured when they read or hear from others who have been in the same situation or have the same needs i.e. home owners who describe the positive experience they have had with the service provider…YOU. Testimonials need to be preferably current, real and provide some information about the person giving the testimonial (your satisfied customer). This will be agreed upon between you and your new customer; do this immediately after the sale is complete while the experience is still in the present. Trust is built on what other people say about you. You are positioning yourself as the preferred supplier…very important if you want to make the sale! So don’t leave it up to chance.

3. Referral sales: We know that the best way to get business and referrals is to give business and referrals. However did you know there is another powerful way, called commission driven referral sales! 

Compensating your referrers with a reward for a lead that leads to a sale is a very powerful incentive. Paying your referrers a referral fee will bring you more customers because money is the universal language everyone understands…it is tangible, it is immediate, it is flexible and it is a motivator! This is your marketing cost. Using an online interactive referral tracking and management program will make this very easy for you; if you are interested to know more about this program that harnesses the referral power of all the people you know, go to  

Increase sales and profits by implementing the three marketing principles outlined above:

[1] increase your company’s awareness by exposing it to more qualified potential customers, while

[2] promoting your reputation (credibility) and thereby positioning your business as the preferred supplier.

[3] Consider giving your referral sales a boost by implementing a referral marketing program.

In today’s highly interconnected society the Internet is an invaluable source of communications and information. A business website is not an option…it is a requirement for success!


Source by Moreno Lartista