The Practical Benefits of Copper Roofing


The roof of any building is one of the most crucial components since it plays a large role in safety, overall appearance, security, and comfort. While it may be tempting to choose your roofing material based on the way it will make your home look, this approach may lead to catastrophes in the future. The best solution is to find a material that not only looks good, but has many practical advantages as well. Copper roofing provides both of these two factors with its classic appearance and many physical benefits. Learning more about the practical benefits of installing a copper roof may help you decide whether this kind of metal roofing is best suited for your home.

Safety Benefits

One of the best features of copper roofing is that it significantly enhances the hazard safety of your home. The two most frequent maladies that can afflict a house are fire and flooding. Copper roofs are great at protecting against both of these threats. Unlike many conventional materials, copper is not flammable, meaning that it won’t catch flame if sparking occurs nearby. Additionally, copper roofing provides a great barrier against flood damage from torrential rains or heavy storms. Proper installation is a key component of flood protection, so make sure your roofing job was performed by an expert in the field.

Corrosion Resistance

The pale green exterior which copper roofing forms over the years isn’t just there for good looks. It also provides excellent protection against corrosive species in the environment. This protects the roof, keeping it strong over the years. The green layer is known as a patina, and it actually is what happens when the copper reacts with oxygen in the air. This oxide layer keeps other corrosive species away from the core of the copper roof, keeping it safe and strong.

Light and Strong

Even among metal roofing materials, copper roofing is exceptionally light and strong. It provides an excellent strength to weight ratio, making it a great choice for homes that expect there to be heavy loads on the roof. This is often the case after blizzards or heavy snowfall. Snow sitting on a roof for long periods of time is one of the more common reasons for catastrophic roof collapse. Because copper roofing is so light, the structural supports can bear additional stress before reaching their breaking point.

Copper Roofing – a Great Choice

Because of these many practical benefits, copper roofing is a great choice for any home or business. A copper roof has a unique look to it that compliments the strength and longevity that this kind of roof exhibits.


Source by Victor Cavanaugh