Tile Roof Repair – Leave it to the Pros


One choice of many homeowners these days is the application of a tile or masonry roof for their house. These materials come in all manner of colors and styles to add an elegant flare to even the simplest construction. There are flat tiles and tiles with three-dimensional design. There are smooth and textured tiles.

You can also choose among a rainbow of colors to coordinate with your exterior design and scheme. They are quite durable, but like all roofing materials, they are exposed to the elements. This will lead, inevitably, to the need for tile roof repair.

Compared to shingles, which are the most common roofing materials by volume, tiles are heavier. This will often require extra reinforcement under the actual tiles. This can be damaged if there have been leaks, which can increase the labor, materials and expense for tile roof repair. The most common occurrence for this type of roofing material is cracking.

If a tile is cracked, it can most likely be repaired or replaced with a minimal amount of effort or expenditure. Be aware that the replaced tile will not be the same color due to the length of exposure of the surrounding tiles to the weather. If, however, you delay the repair it can lead to further problems such as damage to the supporting structures.

There are options on the market for tile roof repair that do not involve replacing the cracked tiles. There are fillers that will seal the crack effectively if they are used correctly according the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you choose to pursue this option on your own, you should be aware that in order to reach the cracked tile you might have to walk on other tiles. When you do this, you pose a huge risk of cracking previously undamaged tiles with your weight. Also, the surface of these particular roofs is slippery and can be very dangerous for the inexperienced.

Despite the tricky nature of completing a tile roof repair, this particular material provides long lasting and durable protection for your home. It carries a much higher value for insulating your living spaces than shingle or metal materials.

This will result in lower heating and cooling bills. The life of a tile or masonry roof will far exceed that of a shingle composition if you have it professionally installed and maintained. It is an attractive and environmentally friendly option for your roofing material choices…


Source by Chris Smitts