Tile Roofing – Which Stone Options Are There?


Tile roofing has always been among the building covering techniques available to people and it has also increased in popularity recently. Asphalt shingles as well as more standard techniques are still in the majority, but many people have recognized just how long lasting tiles have been historically. Because of this, a lot more home builders now carry slate roofing tiles as an option as well. Nor is slate the only natural stone that is being used as a roof covering. You will likewise find granite on roof tops as well, as it has moved upstairs from its more standard location on floors or custom-made countertops.

Lots of people instantly think of the curved, clay tiles from warmer climates, as soon as someone mentions tile roofing. And it’s correct that if roof coverings are not made of the more common asphalt, they will typically be derived from clay, or maybe even concrete. But the alternatives are increasing now. Roofing slate tiles are simple enough to manufacture, since they are made from metamorphic rock that was developed under pressure,with the result of minerals forming into parallel lines. All that you need, actually, is to split the stone either into flat slate tile flooring or roofing tiles.

But as well as the roofing slate tile option, you will also discover that granite particles are formed into roofing tiles. Many of these materials, when cut and delivered as real cut tiles seem to come mostly from India and to a lesser extent from China, in primarily bkue or grey granite colors. However, this stone can be used in other ways as well, cut into chips that are arranged between two layers of roofing felt. So while granite is more and more being used, it doesn’t yet seem to be as plentiful as slate in actual roofing tiles.

Home builders, while recognizing that slate is more long lasting compared to many other materials, still need to be aware of potential problems. The extra brittleness of the tiles could mean more repairs in the case that the building is located in an area that receives lots of hail, for instance. Moreover, the extra weight of the tile may need some reinforcement of the roof. However, if those are not major obstacles, then slate tile roofing is a sensible option, attractive not merely because of its durability, but also for its appealing smoothness, even color and form.


Source by Terje Brooks