Tips on Installing Asphalt Rolled Roofing


If you are considering installing asphalt rolled roofing then you should decide whether you want to use it as the main roofing material or the layer that goes underneath another type. Installation of it is fairly easy with all things considered, so if you are fairly confident in your skills you should be able to manage. The first thing to do is make sure that the surface you will be rolling on is free from all sorts of obstructions that could damage the material. This includes anything sticking out like nails.

When you begin, you need to start at the low edge of the roof and begin rolling out the material across the bottom. First though, you make a line with chalk on the roof that is 34 inches from the edge. Since asphalt rolled roofing is 36 inches wide, this will guide you when you lay it down. Matching one edge with the line that you drew, you will have 2 inches hanging off the edge of the roof. This is what you are after. First though, you need to use asphalt cement to hold the material down. Apply it underneath the material on the lower edge in order to hold it down. Then, you’ll need to put roofing nails every 7 inches apart 2 inches from the top of the material.

The next line of chalk that you put down will 4 inches higher than the top of the last roll you laid. You will continue doing this until you reach the very top. You will see that there the pieces of asphalt rolled roofing will be overlapping, which gives full coverage and protection. So while it isn’t the most difficult project you could ever have to do, it does require you to measure and do things right.

As for the prices involved in the project, that depends on the area that you’re trying to cover. A pack of 35 72′ lengths of Owens Corning asphalt rolled roofing will cost $1418, and the sealant will cost about $12. Keep in mind that asphalt shingles are also an option, and the overall price is comparable.


Source by Dave Gorski