Using Roof Ventilation Fans For Proper Ventilation That Minimizes the Risk of Health Problems


The roof is an important part of any home and having roof ventilation fans is crucial in maintaining its heath for many years. When you have roof ventilation in place it basically extends the life shelf of your roof or attic by keeping it dry and minimizing any possible big temperature changes that could hurt the roofing material.

Proper venting also keeps the moisture away from your attic and minimizes energy costs. When you don’t have a good venting system, the plywood basically can bend, warp or crack. If the air is circulating properly, this will not happen so easily. The steam also has a nasty tendency of rusting the shingles, nails and generally the metal. In addition it creases a breeding place for mold, fungus and mildew, all those things that create for us many health related problems.

You can install roof ventilation fans that will keep the moisture away and avoid all the above mentioned problems. You can basically install one of the two types: inlet or outlet fans. The inlet models allow the air to enter the attic and below the roof. This is when fresh air comes in. This model is located at the eaves. The outlet model is situated near the ridge line and its purpose is to push out the old air. You need to use both in order to achieve good home venting and air circulation in the attic.

When your home is not well ventilated, it’s very easy to notice. Every time you enter the house, the air will feel stuffy and you have a feeling that there is practically no air around. As this creates mildew quite easily, this is a very nasty problem that can cause health issues to people who live there. And all this starts with a bad roof ventilation. Don’t let that ever happen to you!


Source by Zoltan Zongora