Various Materials Used In Metal Roofing


As with any housing, building or structural projects, there are lots of aspects that affect the final decision on which metal roofing material to utilize and also the estimated cost.

In this article, you will find the advantages and disadvantages and the average cost, in the use of various metal roofing materials. The cost mentioned in this article is the breakdown of the metal roofing material per 100 square feet. Keep in mind that the cost may add up with other materials required for installation as well as the labor.

Below are some basic metal roofing materials used and the estimated cost of each.

1. Asphalt shingles

This is the most commonly used metal roofing material. This is classified into two: organic and non-organic shingles. They are made in assorted colors and are rated by their durability and lifespan. Their lifespan has a range of 40 years.

Asphalt shingles can also be customized by adding layers that will give a one of a kind shadow line. Most asphalt shingle producers give warranty to their good and services especially if their contractors install them. The price of this roofing material ranges from 30-35 dollars per hundred square feet.

2. Wood Shingles

These kinds of shingles are made from “Western Red Cedar”. This kind of wood is highly resilient to corrosion and decay. Wood shingles are classified into three: first, second and third.

The first type is the most recommend material for roofing, because they are more sturdy compared to the second and third. The other two are better used for sidings. These wood shingles comes in different sizes and are sold tapered. The usual cost ranges from 70- 100 dollars.

3. Clay or concrete shingles

This is the most durable of all the roofing materials. They are known to provide excellent service for over 50 years. The most common of this type is the corrugated shape or half barrel. However, it is not very common to find tapered or flat styles. In addition, concrete or clay roofing may need additional weight in the roof beam, which may also add in to the cost. The average cost ranges between 150-400 dollars.

It is very important to consider the kind of metal roofing material and its cost before purchasing. This is to help you save time and effort. Remember that it is not only the roofing materials that you will be spending for, but also the labor and other necessary materials.


Source by Anthony Lee