Watch Out For Pests That Can Damage Your Roof


People who don’t keep a regular eye on the inside and outside of their roofs run a far greater risks of incurring damages to them. Why? Because many pests enjoy making their homes in roofs, going largely undetected until irreversible – and expensive – damage is done.

Termites (AKA Timber Pests)

Termites are a major problem in virtually every corner of Australia. Any experienced Brisbane roofing contractor can attest to the fact that these pests can be incredibly destructive to the integrity of even the most well-designed roof. A good rule of thumb to follow regarding termites is to have your house inspected before finalising the purchase. It is also smart to keep an eye on the inside and outsides of your roof for any signs of termite damage. The sooner it is noticed and taken care of, the less costly it will ultimately be.

Roof Rats –

Considering their name, it’s easy to surmise what kinds of problems these common Australian rodents can cause. Many re roofing Brisbane companies receive a lot of business every year thanks to these pesky critters. They seek out the voids of roofs in homes all around the country, making themselves at home and causing terrible damage while doing so. As with timber pests, you should familiarise yourself with the telltale signs of roof rats and keep a close and regular watch on your home’s roof to nip any problems in the bud.

What To Do If Pests Damage Your Roof –

Depending on the severity of the damages done to your roof by termites or roof rats, there are a couple of different options. In circumstances where the damage is moderate, you could hire a roofing company to assist you with the renovations. If damages are more severe, though, a complete roof replacement will probably be necessary. Determining the proper course of action based on what you can see with the naked eye is unwise. If you suspect a pest infestation in your roof, have a roofing professional take an expert look.

The importance of regularly monitoring the inward and outward appearance of your roof cannot be emphasised enough. You should consider a careful roof inspection in the event termites, rats or any other kind of rodents are noticed. By catching the problem earlier, you’re more likely to avoid a complete replacement.


Source by Eva Judge