What to Expect During an Asphalt Reroofing Project


When homeowners choose to reroof with asphalt during the cold winter months, they’re often plagued by worries that their family will freeze before the job is completed. In the same vein, those starting a roofing job in the sweltering summer months worry that they’ll be facing heat stroke. These concerns are perfectly normal and common among many homeowners. To ease your concerns consider this, if your home had no room and it never rained, you would be protected. The insulation in the attic and the walls of your home is the primary defense for temperature control.

This article aims at providing a thorough understanding of an asphalt reroofing job. This article should help allay your fears. Keep in mind all reputable roofers will be more than willing to describe the steps you can expect.

The Start of the Asphalt Reroofing Project:

Once you’ve determined which roofing company you’ll be using, you’ll need to e-mail or fax your signed copy of the contract / proposal back to them. You’ll quickly be contacted to discuss selections of material color, and any other options that might be appropriate. Your roofing contractor will be happy to discuss options and their pros and cons with you during the selection process.

Next, the roofing contractor will meet with you about setting a schedule for the reroofing, as well as delivery of materials and disposal container. Depending on the layout of your street and driveway, the container might need to be placed in your driveway. The materials, again depending on your specific location, might also be stored in the driveway. Most roofing contractors suggest planning to park in the street until the project is completed, so that there’s no risk of damage to the materials or your vehicles.

In order to protect your items in your attic, you’ll need to install a plastic liner in the attic and below any skylights being replaced. This will protect items in storage in your attic as well as protect your insulation and vents from dust. Not all roofing contractors offer their assistance with this step, but it is important to do so in necessary places.

What to Expect During the Reroofing:

As the reroofing project begins, you’ll meet your Site Supervisor. This is the roofing company representative who will be dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction throughout the lifespan of the job. If you have questions about the work schedule, materials or process, the Site Supervisor will be able to help provide answers. If unavailable, the Project Manager is another resource that you’ll be able to turn to for answers about asphalt roofs.

Depending on your specific situation, the AC / heater pump unit might need to be turned off while the crew works on that section of the house. Sometimes the unit needs to be covered for protection. Turning it off will prevent it from overheating. You can expect the Site Supervisor to let you know if that is the case with your home. Throughout the reroofing, the roofing specialist and his crew will clean out the gutters and dispose of any original roofing material properly. No one wants a nail in their tire, so the crew will also walk a magnetic sweeper around the property to ensure that any stray nails are found. As the reroofing project wraps up, you’ll have the chance to go over the details with your Site Supervisor.

After the Reroofing Project is Complete:

What started as a roof estimate is now a completed job. Once the final piece of material is in place and the final nail removed from the grounds, a roofing company representative will inspect the job just to triple check the roofing crew’s work. The disposal container will be picked up, and the yard sign removed. Once payment is complete, you can expect to receive the roofing company’s workmanship warranty as well as the manufacturer’s warranty through the mail. With all the work done, it’s time to stand back and appreciate the beauty of your new roof.


Source by Tim McLoughlin