What Type Of Roof Coating Should You Use?


Roof coating is very important in order to protect the roof for many years. Roofs are important to a business because it protects your business inside keeping the snow, rain, and other wet elements of nature out and away. Two popular types of roof coating consist of elastomeric coating and aluminum coating. These are the two most popular. Since there are two to choose from which one is right for you?

When you use roof coating it can save you expensive repair costs that can be avoided. It can also keep costs down from a weakening roof that may cave in on the first heavy snow. Coating can be used on roofs that are made of metal, polyurethane foam, asphalt, and other typical roofing materials.

Aluminum coating and Elastomeric coating has become very popular over the last few years mainly due to keeping the roof cooler. These coatings reflect the heat as well as the light and this can reduce the amount of air conditioning that must be used to cool the building down. Energy saving is important today and business owners will find that using roof coating such as these two will be doing their part in helping the environment. These coating can be purchase in black, white, almond, and other shades that look great.

When the coating is applied, it can expand and contract up to 600%. It provides a direct seal on the roof which will give the roof extended life. It looks great from any direction. You can use roof coating on flat roofs or sloping roofs.

Roof coating made from these two materials is rust resistant and water resistant. It can actually restore the roof condition even if your roof is made from concrete. If you have a flat roof and want to turn it into another room that everyone can go to enjoy the sunshine or watch the sun set in the evenings, count the stars, or watch the sun come up, you will need the right roof coating first. Coating the roof with white coating is the first step in creating extra space that can entertain or grow a raised garden.

As the summer sun beats down on the roof, it can cause the roof to crack open creating holes that can allow water inside. Every time it rains you may notice a few wet spots on the floor that never go away. Fibered aluminum coating is one of the most popular choices and for many reasons. This type of roof coating can actually enhance the energy use and reduce the heat which can extend the life of the current roof you have. This will allow it a few more years of use before it needs to be completely replaced.

It is not an expensive option when you choose good quality material. This means that you won’t spend extra time and money patching the roof up in between roofing jobs. Call a contractor to get a second opinion and go with the right choice for you.


Source by Mark Stern