Wooden Patio Roof – Why Use Wood For a Patio Roof?


If in constructing your patio you are giving natural beauty the first priority then wood should be your choice. There is no other comparable material. Wood is certainly the most elegant of materials and gives you a wide range of design options. With a wooden patio cover, you bring the outdoors inside your home.

However, wood needs regular maintenance and painting because it is not immune to the elements. The quality of the wood normally deteriorates due to action of termites and the sun. Installing a wooden patio roof is easy. You need to follow some simple instructions. But if you are going for complicated designs then hire a professional.

Various types of wood are a very popular material for overhead covering since they permit air circulation. While there are expensive varieties of wood there are also relatively inexpensive varieties, such as, lath, lattice and grapestakes. The size and spacings of wooden overhead structures can vary a lot. Also remember that how much shade you will get from wooden overheads will depend not only on the spacing but also in the direction they are laid. If you intend keeping plants in the patio then ensure that the laths are laid north-south so that the sun light bars moves across the plants. If laid east-west then the sunlight moves slowly and may sear the plants

You can think about reducing the cost of the patio if you decide to make the roof partially of wood, leaving the remaining to be covered up by vines. But make sure that the structure is strong enough to bear the load of vines dampened by rains.

The material for obtaining the wood comes from pine, hardwood and oak. Though most people go for the inexpensive pine it all really depends on how much you are willing to spend. Oakwood is the most expensive but will last much longer than pine or hardwood. Plywood sidings can also be used as a roofing material. The plywood comes in sheets that allow you to cover a large area in quick time. Ply wood in lapboard form can also be used. If the plywood comes unfinished, a suitable durable finish has to be given.

Wood is the right material if you want to give a natural look to your outdoor space. You can paint or stain the wood in any shade or color you want. The wooden material can give you a very strong and sturdy roof. You can have many types of wooden cover depending on the type of patio you want. You can build a roof cover with wood or you can opt for a pergola type patio with a partially covered roof.

However, remember, that wood is more susceptible to the elements. The sun and wind can erode the wood. Wood covers will therefore need more maintenance than any other material. Maintenance will surely include repairs and finishing. There will be additional work for you if the house is in a termite infested area. In that case your wooden patio cover might need regular anti-termite treatment.

The good news is that wooden patio covers of today are a far cry from what they were earlier. The new techniques for preserving wood have made them a popular choice. Earlier they were spoiled by rain, wind and sunshine. Now they last much longer.


Source by Guru Bhakt